Bob Vila Radio: Kitchen Lighting

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Considering the amount of time many of us spend in the kitchen over the holiday season, this is a great time to think about updating your kitchen lighting.
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Pendant lights arranged in groups over an island or peninsula are a popular update from the single overhead hanging light fixture. But don’t overlook your other work surfaces–under-cabinet lighting has come a long way from the flickering fluorescents of yesteryear. The new LED puck lights, rope lights and panels can do a lot to dress up your kitchen and save your eyes as well as your energy costs.

While it’s important to have lots of strong task lighting while you’re working in the kitchen, it’s also important to be able to lower the lights when you’re ready to relax and entertain. Dimmer switches are a must in the kitchen, and finally there are new dimmable LED fixtures and bulbs to go with them. Some systems even come with a nightlight setting which uses next to no energy but keeps the kitchen accessible for those midnight snacks!

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