Facebook to take action against users repeatedly sharing…

«Whether it’s false or misleading content about COVID-19 and vaccines, climate change, elections or other topics, we’re making sure fewer people see misinformation on our apps,» the company said in a statement.


Many industries are taking precautions and are pushing for electrical vaccine passports via smartphone s to be issued to those who have been vaccinated deeming them fit to fly. The result of the pandemic means entering a new world after loc

Once the vaccine enters the body, the chimp virus delivers the coronavirus gene to human cells. The cells begin to release spike protein which is then detected by the immune system, which produces antibodies and other responses to the

They also claim mRNA from the vaccines ends up in breast milk. When researchers studied blood samples from 15 women who received at least one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine — including two pregnant women and five who were breastfeeding — they saw coronavirus antibodies but no antibodies against syncytin-1.

As the pandemic is putting additional strain on Sareb, https://ceriabet.info/ shareholders are working with the government to find a way to allow them exit Sareb’s capital structure, two sources familiar with the matter said.

Facebook will reduce the distribution of all posts in its news feed from a user account if it frequently shares content that has been flagged as false by one of the company’s fact-checking partners, the social media giant said in a blog post.
website It added that it was also launching ways to inform people if they are interacting with content that has been rated by a fact-checker.

Some preventative public health measures have been put into place over the years, such as first responders carrying Narcan, a drug which can prevent overdoses, and Good Samaritan laws that protect those who seek medical treatment from an overdose from legal charges.  

Opioid deaths in the months prior to the pandemic’s start in March 2020 were relatively consistent, and then surged when COVID-19 begin to spread across the world, according to the study, published in JAMA Network Open on Wednesday.

Researchers from the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, St Michaels University and Drexel University gathered overdose death data from the province of Ontario and compared the first six months of the pandemic to overdose deaths in previous six month timespans.

The institution, set up to take on bad loans from the financial crisis in 2012 and known by its Spanish acronym Sareb, has been struggling since its creation as a slump in real estate prices has depressed the value of loans and assets.

The test is able to give results in 15 minutes and is known as the KnowNow Covid-19 test. It is easy to do and can be done via a simple saliva swab test that is designed to work instantly. This test will make checking and testing for covid much easier. For example, tests can be done on the spot in airport ques, unlike the current test, which takes 48 hours for results to be given, this test is unique as the results can be presented in 15 minutes which means business and process can begin to move faster

MADRID, May 26 (Reuters) — Spain’s «bad bank» said on Wednesday its shareholders had agreed to convert 1.43 billion euros ($1.75 billion) of subordinated debt into equity to bolster its books as sustained losses have eroded its capital base.

«If you get the vaccine earlier, you´ll have more chances to win because you´ll be in the first-week pool, the second-week pool, the third-week pool, the fourth-week pool, et cetera,» Cuomo said at a Wednesday press conference.

Few minors have been fully vaccinated so far: about 8.7% of people aged 12 to 17, according to state health data shared by Cuomo. That’s compared with 37.5% of young adults below the age of 25, about half of people aged 35-54 and 69.5% of those over 75.

In a separate study posted Tuesday on medRxiv ahead of peer review, researchers reported that among 20 fully-vaccinated healthcare workers with breakthrough COVID-19 cases, all were infected with variants. An earlier study had linked breakthrough infections with low viral loads, suggesting low transmission risks, but «we found many samples in our breakthrough cohort with high viral load,» said coauthor Pavitra Roychoudhury of the University of Washington. «Our work suggests that not all breakthrough infections are at low risk of initiating transmission and, if they did, these infections could lead to the continued spread of variants of concern, particularly in areas with low vaccination rates.» website website Study refutes anti-vaxxers’ pregnancy, breast milk claims

. The KnowNow covid-19 test is one, if not the most accurate test, to detect the surface spike proteins on the virus itself.
The test mimics human cells’ properties and tricks the virus into reacting wi

May 26 (Reuters) — The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.