Feds want to talk to Tesla about the Model S yoke steering wheel

The controversial yoke overshadowed the progress Tesla has made on its electric powertrain. The Tesla Model S Plaid Plus will do an estimated 520 miles on a single charge, according to the automaker. Bear in mind, a similarly priced Porsche Taycan Turbo S returns an EPA-estimated 192 miles. We beat that figure handily in our range testing, but it can’t touch 520 miles, if Tesla’s estimate shakes out. Based on past EPA testing of other Tesla vehicles, it’s likely a valid estimate.

Given the nature of its fashionable inhabitants — from the Camerons to the Beckhams via Jemima Goldsmith and Elisabeth Murdoch — this may come as a surprise to some. (Above, Samantha Cameron and Victoria Beckham)

Tesla this week revealed the refreshed flagship sedan, along with a revamped Model X SUV, with the steering yoke grabbing eyeballs across the internet. Roadshow’s Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens has laid out why the design is a likely safety risk, but US regulators will certainly get to the bottom of it. NHTSA told Roadshow that on first glance it «cannot determine if the steering wheel meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.» If Tesla’s in violation of the standards, the yoke will have to go.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told Roadshow on Friday it has reached out to Tesla following the news of its planned yoke-style steering wheel for the refreshed Model S electric sedan. The government agency did not say if the automaker has been in touch with regulators since it debuted the radical new wheel.

While it provided hope for many as a glimpse of a return to normality, ministers today called for caution, with the Culture Secretary admitting the UK is entering a ‘period of heightened vigilance’, with the Indian variant threatening the return of live events. 

 After Chauvin was found guilty, Biden told the nation that the verdict sends the message that no one is ‘above the law’, as he demanded new action to honor Floyd after a killing he called a ‘stain on the nation’s soul.’

She was branded transphobic and her comments labelled ‘discriminatory’ and bandarqq ‘offensive’. What is discriminatory and offensive is denying women their fundamental biological identities in the name of bogus inclusivity. 

Protesters kneel and raise their arms if front of a row of police officers as they gather peacefully to protest the death of George Floyd at the State Capital building in downtown Columbus, Ohio, on June 1, 2020

Visitors to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios-Orlando were allowed Saturday to remove their masks when they are outdoors except when they are on attractions, in line or riding a tram or other transportation.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, he married someone who he knew would never take to public life in Britain — indeed who was deeply unsuited to it — and who, ultimately, would provide him with the perfect excuse to leave.

In what was the latest Government pilot event to trial life after lockdown, every supporter to walk through the turnstiles had to return a negative lateral flow test before settling down to watch the glamour tie. 

Stay tuned as NHTSA gets up in Tesla’s business once again. Perhaps the agency will also have something to say about the fact the refreshed EV will shift into drive or reverse by «guessing» as it doesn’t have a PRNDL shifter.


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Former presidents Barak Obama and Donald Trump didn’t allude to police controversy in their remarks, but Biden did and used this year’s police week to say the current way of policing needs to change. 

But Government scientists revealed in minutes released on Friday night that the ‘highly transmissible’ Indian variant could be 50 per cent more infectious than the Kent strain — which models project could lead to 1,000 deaths a day, as well as 10,000 daily hospitalisations, by the summer. 

SeaWorld Orlando and its sister park, Tampa’s Busch Gardens, are going even further, allowing guests who say they are fully vaccinated to to remove their masks throughout the parks. The two parks will not require proof of vaccination, but are asking guests to «respectfully comply.»

Since then, Black Lives Matter demonstrations erupted throughout the country. Some were peaceful protests; others were violent riots with looting and vandalism committed by Antifa and other radical left groups.  

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But after all the ghost games, after all those disembodied matches we have watched in echoing, empty stadiums when all that is to be heard is the shouts and cries of the players and the exhortations of the substitutes and staff in the stands, we got our game back.